Our team has received questions from many of you regarding Connecticut’s COVID-19 vaccine distribution plan for Phase 1A, Phase 1B, and beyond. We aim to provide you the best information we have in this email and will be in touch with updates as this process continues.

While the state has yet to share specifics on its plan to distribute vaccines for Phase 1B and beyond, here is what we do know: Phase 1B is scheduled to launch on Monday, January 18th. This phase will include Teachers and Educational Workers, and that all critical information will be available at this time. We understand some municipalities have begun to reach out to schools individually. Please know if that has not already taken place, it will likely start this coming Monday. In the meantime, here is a list of local health departments should you need to identify a person to contact. Here you can review who has been appointed to the COVID-19 Vaccine Advisory Group and review the latest recommendations they have published for the state vaccine distribution plan.

For your staff: Phase 1A includes school nurses and any other identified medical personnel. Connecticut Department of Public Health Commissioner Gifford shared that the state can transition quickly from Phase 1A to 1B once demand no longer overwhelms the supply. Anyone in 1A that wants their vaccine and isn’t getting anywhere should reach out to participating hospitals or their local health department. We are also here to help you get answers as needed.

Phase 1B includes those who work in the education sector, specifically “teachers and education workers.” School staff should receive the vaccine, and “education workers” includes all building employees. It is CTCSA’s position that this must be true for CT charter school employees.

For your students: Once information is available, we will help unpack it.

After Monday’s announcements and as things develop further, we will provide you with updates. We acknowledge how challenging this is, and we are here for you and your school communities to problem solve any challenges as they arise. Should you receive helpful information as you go through this process you think others would benefit from, please pass it on, and we will share it within this charter sector leadership group.