Earlier today the Connecticut State Board of Education (SBE) held its monthly meeting. The meeting included the oath of office for board members Dr. Estela Lopez and Erin Benham, who have been serving on the board and were recently re-appointed by the Governor’s office and confirmed by the Connecticut General Assembly. As of this update, the Governor’s office still needs to appoint four more members to reach a full State Board.

The agenda included the approval of the CMO agreement for Achievement First Hartford Academy and Achievement First, as well as other non-charter related items, like reports on the condition of education in Connecticut and a racial imbalance report. The items passed unanimously.

During public comment, Commissioner Wentzell and Dr. Sarah Barzee were recognized for their efforts and time serving in the Department and on the Board of Education. The State Board unanimously reappointed Dr. Lopez as the vice-chair for the Board. During the presentation on the Condition of Education report, The State Department of Education (SDE) noted the release of its newest resource— the Connecticut Report Cards— which are designed to provide school, district and state-level data in one place and in an accessible format.

Board Chair Allan Taylor noted that this was the Commissioner’s last meeting as we await the nomination and appointment of the next Commissioner of Education.