For far too long, families in Danbury and Middletown have been waiting for the opportunity to decide which type of public school is best for their children. Despite strong community support and approval from the state, two new public charter schools have yet to receive funding to open their doors in those communities.

Both schools have followed the approval process to the letter, earning the highest applicant scores, and meeting every benchmark along the way. Danbury Charter School and Capital Prep Middletown stand ready and waiting to offer hundreds of children the free, high-quality education they need in order to succeed. But these schools can only fulfill their mission with the support of Connecticut’s lawmakers.

Now is the time for elected officials to take a stand for kids.

There is still time in this legislative session for leaders to provide funding that will enable Danbury Charter School and Capital Prep Middletown to enroll for the 2025-26 school year. Families have actively voiced their desire time and time again for more high-quality, public school options in these communities. Let’s open the doors wide to education and opportunity for every student. It’s time to fund our schools!

About Danbury Charter School
  • Approved in 2018; highest-rated applicant
  • Serving 110 students, grades 6-10, in the first year
  • International Baccalaureate curriculum
  • Will alleviate overcrowding in district
  • Diverse leadership team with strong community support
  • Denied funding for the past five legislative sessions
  • Learn more about funding the school
About Capital Prep Middletown
  • Approved in 2023; highest-rated applicant
  • Serving 380 students, grades 6-12, in the first year
  • Gained support at multiple public hearings
  • Comprehensive curriculum with focus on social justice
  • Proven track record of success throughout CT and NY
  • Funding removed from 2023 budget at last minute
  • Learn more about funding the school

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