Our Work

CTCSA is focused on supporting high quality public schools that unlock the opportunity and potential in every child. Our work enables high quality charter public schools to grow, promote what is effective, and share best practices across the sector in Connecticut.

CTCSA Action Network

We connect public charter school parents, staff members, students and a network of community allies to advocate for educational equity and justice in our state and society.

Uplifting Community Voices

We share our stories to showcase the impact of education policies in our communities. We work with members to share their stories to create change for public charters and in pursuit of equity in education.

Advisory Services

Serving as school advisors and connectors between your school and a wide array of experts, consultants, and practitioners.

The CTCSA Social Justice Institute

A high school civics and advocacy scholarship program. Participating students learn practical skills in organizing, activism, and identifying pathways for creating change in their communities.