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Connecticut Charter Schools Association

The Connecticut Charter Schools Association is the only membership and advocacy organization for all charter schools in the state. Your membership supports a stronger charter sector in Connecticut and provides you with many benefits designed to make your school better for the students and families you serve.

Connecticut Charter Schools Association Membership costs only $15 per student enrolled. For most schools, this is less than the per pupil revenue associated with one student.

Membership pays off. The average school receives more than 3 times the value of their annual dues payment. This is based only on estimated costs associated with advocacy, advice, and member purchasing programs.

To learn more about becoming a member, email or call 203.772.8111

For all member schools we:


  • Our advocacy team and processional lobbyists work on your behalf.
  • Access our advocacy tools via the member portal.
  • Reach out to get your school or students even more involved.


  • We highlight the great work that is happening at your school.
  • Amplification of parent and alumni voices via op eds and other media.
  • Resources and support for school communications, marketing, and social media.
  • Templates for press releases and other communications documents.
  • We amplify job listings at your school via our social media.


  • Discounts with select recommended vendors & service providers
  • Bulk discount programs allowing schools to access products as a group


  • Recommend resources for school leaders.
  • Support for Board member recruitment, onboarding, training & retreats.
  • Identify consultants to work with your school.
  • Provide advice on resolution of billing issues including Transportation, SPED, and Tuition.

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