On Wednesday, June 17th, the Connecticut State Board of Education (“Board”) held a board meeting virtually in light of COVID-19. This meeting was televised and is available for playback here. The meeting agenda, submitted public comment and all board resolutions can be found here

The agenda included:

  • Charter school management organization (CMO) agreements for Achievement First Bridgeport Academy, Amistad Academy, Elm City College Preparatory, and Capital Preparatory Harbor School
  • Adoption of the 2021 meeting schedule
  • Receipt of the Report on Racial Imbalance
  • The Connecticut Computer Science State Plan

All of the charter-CMO agreements, as well as the science state plan, were passed unanimously through the consent agenda and without discussion.

The Board also discussed the recent announcement regarding the discontinuation of the Dalio Partnership with the state and the distribution of laptops. Board Member Clemons expressed disappointment with the dissolvement of the partnership, citing that the program was intended to reach the students who are most in need of this technology. Dalio still plans to invest the intended $100 million into education in Connecticut.

During the discussion on the 2021 meeting schedule, several members of the Board emphasized the importance and need to reconvene once the State Department of Education and the Commissioner have put together a plan on fall re-opening for schools. While the Board does not anticipate holding its annual formal in-person August retreat this year, it intends to use the time to discuss these re-opening plans. The Board continued to ask questions of the Commissioner with respect to the re-opening plans, much of which has yet to be determined.

As we await news on a summer special legislative session, we will continue to provide you with updates as they become available.