On Wednesday, January 13th, the Connecticut State Board of Education (Board) held its monthly meeting by video, which was publicly televised and is available online here. The meeting agenda can be found here. We anticipate that this is the last meeting for Dr. Miguel Cardona as the Connecticut Commissioner of Education. He awaits congressional Senate confirmation of his nomination to become the next United States Secretary of Education.

This month’s agenda included:

Public comment included organizations and agencies who spoke to agenda items and congratulated Commissioner Cardona on his nomination to United States Secretary of Education. Public comment also included congratulations to George Coleman for his role in the SERC board.

The Board conducted an executive session in which they discussed the interim commissioner’s appointment but did not state during the meeting who the interim commissioner would be.

Board Vice-Chair Dr. Lopez requested to remove the report on the agricultural and technology education graduates from the consent agenda so that the Board could discuss the report. Board member Bonnie Burr acknowledged the work of the agricultural and technical education programs in the state.

During the Commissioner’s update, Commissioner Cardona thanked everyone for their congratulatory remarks and the State Board and State Department. He noted that their collective work is part of the reason he was acknowledged and nominated by the incoming presidential administration to lead the US Department of Education. The State Board of Education unanimously passed a resolution honoring Commissioner Cardona.

During the agency updates, Deputy Commissioner Charlene Russell Tucker shared some health and safety updates. The Department of Public Health updated the Board on the latest strains of COVID-19 as the Board considers its impact on schools. Deputy Commissioner Desi Nesmith shared updates on school reopening, including updating on specific districts like New Haven and Danbury.