“Today, the Bond Commission met to discuss and unanimously approved the allocation of $870,000 to Brass City Charter School (BCCS), funds which had been approved by the state legislature in 2018, following the last Request for Proposal for State Charter School Building Projects.

I would like to thank the Bond Commission, Governor Lamont, Senator Hartley, and Representative Reyes for allocating these dollars to BCCS. While this funding provides a much-needed reprieve to Brass City Charter School, whose facilities needs have only compounded while awaiting the release of these funds, and is certainly a step in the right direction, it does not address the larger issue at hand: that public charter schools are the only schools in our state that do not have access to facilities funding.

Moreover, there is still a remaining $2,675,516 in previously approved bonding funds that have been promised to 4 other public charter schools in our state, a matter which the Bond Commission has yet to address.

We are grateful to the Bond Commission for finally addressing this critical issue, however, there is still work to be done both in allocating the remaining funds from the 2018 RFP and establishing a long-term solution for facilities funding for our state’s public charter schools,” said Ruben Felipe, Executive Director of the Connecticut Charter Schools Association.


About the Connecticut Charter Schools Association: The Connecticut Charter Schools Association is a nonprofit membership organization that serves as a unified voice for the 21 public charter schools, representing their interests at the state and local levels. To learn more, click here.