In the wake of a productive legislative session for Connecticut’s public charter school sector, the Connecticut Charter Schools Association held its annual Charter Board Symposium on Thursday, June 6. Dozens of board members and school leaders from Connecticut’s public charter schools gathered to hear the latest updates on our sector, connect and collaborate with colleagues, and discuss pathways for future growth. 

The 2024 Charter Board Symposium is part of CTCSA’s wholistic, year-round approach to supporting board members and helping them best serve their schools and students. The event began with a social hour, allowing board members to network and plan collaborations that will help all of our schools meet their goals. 

Our CTCSA staff outlined the changes that came from this legislative session, including policy wins for public charter schools in funding, facilities, seat growth, and more. They also covered the process through which organizations can open or expand public charter schools in Connecticut, including the millions in federal funding available through CSP Grants through the Great Schools for Connecticut Project. 

We greatly appreciate the participation and dedication of the board members and school leaders who joined us for this incredible opportunity to align on understanding and goals as we continue to fight on behalf of the nearly 11,000 public charter schools in Connecticut.

If you are a board member or school leader at a CT public charter school who is looking for more information or resources, please feel free to reach out to CTCSA staff members to learn more about the supports available to you and your schools. We look forward to another year of growth and progress, as we move closer to our goal of providing high-quality, tuition-free public charter school options to all students in Connecticut who need them.

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