Big news! Today, the state legislature passed the implementer bill, which executes everything in the state budget. This step brings us closer to full adoption, which will take place upon Governor Lamont’s signing of the budget, happening any day now! Included in the budget is:

  • Raising the public charter school per-pupil tuition rate by $275 and to the foundation amount
  • Adding additional money to be used for the phasing in of need-based weighted funding for public charter school students
    • Weighted funding explained:
      • Low-Income Student Weight: Increases foundation amount by 30 percent for students who live in economically disadvantaged households as measured by eligibility for free or reduced-price lunch (FRPL).
      • Concentrated Poverty Weight: Increases foundation amount an additional five percent (for a total of 35 percent) for economically disadvantaged students residing in districts where 60 percent or more of the enrollment is considered economically disadvantaged. Weight applies only to a district’s low-income students above the 60-percent level.
      • English Learner Weight: Increases foundation amount by 25 percent for students who are identified as needing additional English-language skills.
  • Funding the additional pre-K and middle school grades for Stamford Charter School for Excellence, one of our state’s highest performing public schools.

As a reminder, the Association has released a statement on the budget outcomes, which you can access here. If you want to read what our partners are saying about the broader education budget, click below!

In passing the implementer bill, our elected leaders have passed a state budget that prioritizes equity for our state’s more than 11,000 public charter school students! I ask that we do not let their efforts go unnoticed. Please join us as we thank our legislators for passing a budget that prioritizes student need.


Thank you for all the incredible work you have done this session to protect and expand education equity across Connecticut. We look forward to continuing to work alongside all of you as we continue to advocate for equity on behalf of the kids.