“The report released by the Connecticut State Board of Education on Wednesday made clear the importance of in-person learning and the efficacy of our state’s public charter schools.

Public charter schools were established by the legislature in CT 25 years ago “to catalyze innovation in Connecticut’s public schools, as well as establish another vehicle to reduce the racial and economic gap of Connecticut’s public school students,”. Connecticut’s 21 public charter schools successfully serve over 11,000 of our state’s children, 93% of which are children of color, while delivering results for kids with limited resources at their disposal. Despite the inequities these schools and students face, Connecticut’s public charter school students excelled on the state’s 2020-2021 Smarter Balanced State Assessments across all learning modes, be it in-person, remote, or hybrid. This data reflects the successes of our state’s public charter school program and reaffirms the need to support these schools and create additional high-quality public school options for the thousands of CT families who need them. 

The past two years have been difficult for all students, including those attending public charter schools. Coronavirus is a magnifier of the existing inequalities that have historically plagued our communities. As Connecticut pursues its “new normal”, we must, together, address the pre-existing systemic inequities in public education by supporting existing schools that have a track record of success and creating new high-quality public school options that serve all kids, regardless of their background,” said Ruben Felipe, Executive Director of the Connecticut Charter Schools Association.


About the Connecticut Charter Schools Association: The Connecticut Charter Schools Association is a nonprofit membership organization that serves as a unified voice for the 21 public charter schools, representing their interests at the state and local levels. To learn more, click here.