On Wednesday, April 7th, 2021, the Connecticut State Board of Education (Board) held its monthly meeting by video, which was publicly televised and is available online here. The meeting agenda can be found here.

This month’s agenda included:

  • The approval of three schools into the state’s Commissioner’s Network program

  • A discussion on the CAPSS Blueprint to Transform Connecticut’s Public Schools

  • An agency update from the State Department of Education

During this meeting, it was announced that Board Member Allan Taylor has stepped down as board chair. He was not present at the meeting. Dr. Lopez oversaw the meeting agenda and thanked Chairperson Taylor for his work in the role. Dr. Lopez noted that the chair would be named in time for the next State Board meeting in May.

The Board’s consent agenda, which included the three schools entering into the Commissioner’s Network, was unanimously approved. The Commissioner’s Network is the state’s school turnaround program and has been in effect since 2012. The schools joining the Network are Wexler-Grant Community School in New Haven, New Britain High School, and Windham High School.

During the discussion of the Connecticut Association of Public School Superintendents (CAPSS) Blueprint to Transform Connecticut’s Public Schools, the organization’s Executive Director, Fran Rabinowitz, presented components of the plan to the State Board of Education, which includes thirty recommendations for Connecticut’s education system. More information about the blueprint is available here.

During the agency update, the State Department of Education reported on the allocations to Connecticut from the American Rescue Plan available to state educational agencies and local educational agencies. About $110 million is allocated for Connecticut’s state educational agencies and $995 million to local education agencies. The Department also reported on technical assistance being provided using federal funding for professional development and ongoing supports.

With about nine weeks left in the 2021 legislative session, we continue to advocate for our state’s public charter schools. We will update you as soon we know more about the status of legislation and our funding equity campaign.

As always, please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.