On Wednesday, December 4th, the Connecticut State Board of Education held its last regularly scheduled monthly board meeting for 2019. Items on the agenda included a progress report on Relay Graduate School of Education’s alternate route to certification program, reviews of district racial imbalance plans, a report on agricultural science and technology education graduates, recommendations on the adoption of computer science testing, and a review of the latest draft of the state plan to strengthen career and technical education.

The State Board approved the Hamden Board of Education’s racial imbalance plan for Church Street School with its stated conditions and the Vernon Board of Education’s racial imbalance plan for Lake Street School. The Board also approved its consent agenda, which included the Relay and computer science testing updates.

During the report of the chair, Chairperson Taylor reported positively on the last SDE School Discipline Collaborative. This was hosted in November, as well as the celebration of the Connecticut 2020 teacher of the year. During the Commissioner’s report, Commissioner Cardona reported on his attendance and presentations to several meetings and convenings since the last board meeting. He also noted that State Board Member Donald Harris has been recently named President for the Connecticut Boards of Education (CABE). 

The State Board also requested a moment of silence for the passing of two W.F. Kaynor Technical High School students yesterday.

As we close out 2019 and ramp up for the new year and the 2020 legislative session, we look forward to working with you and continuing to hear from you.